Charm City Originals

One of a Kind Art Dolls, sculpture, and mixed media art by Linda Ehrenfried

​History of 

There is good news on the horizon. I have decided to bring back under a new name. 
I will start working developing the new site once I gather the funding. If you are interested in being a Patron of the site and helping me fund the $500 start up costs please come find me on FB. The site will have easy access for all members. You will be able to participate in the site. Other then needing funding every couple of years to keep it paid for it will be Free to be listed. There will only be a fee if you host more then two photo on the site. 
I am still in the planning phase. But I am very excited to see this come back to life. 

Information about the old site

The original website was built to honor my passion for all things art doll. It was a place where artists and collectors could find one another. I set it up with my own money and a ton of elbow grease. It was a FREE site open to all talented doll makers and sculptors. It was hosted though and it was growing steadily. I had close to 500 artists listed there, with pictures of their work and links to there websites. Unfortunately ungraded their servers which is normally a good thing, but for many of their customers what it meant was our websites that were constructed on the old servers were not longer compatible with the new ones. So the site no longer functioned from the admins perspective. I could no longer add new artists, I could not rearrange pages, I could not update contact data, the site was basically archived but still live. Which left me powerless to change anything and I felt so bad having to tell people I could not add them. Some thought I was just rejecting them. But the truth was that my own personal art site was also lost in the server upgrade. And that also had to be completely rebuilt. This meant that not only would I have to start all over as even my photos were locked in the old server, I would have to rebuilt both sites. It took me 3 years to get all of those artists added. it took nearly 6 months just to rebuild my own art site after I moved it here to GoDaddy. It was frustrating and very sad but I knew I had no way to move the ooakartdolls site. Leaving it up was not an option either because it was glitching and as I could not fix it paying for the expensive hosting made no sense.  So I bid a tearful goodbye to my love child but maintained the URL. Now it will become my full time URL. It is easy to remember. 

Notice about the old site: I had written multiple articles for the site to try to improve the search engine placement. One is still circulating around the internet. It was meant to be a pronouncement that all dolls and figurative sculpture are art. I had to include as many keywords as possible to help get better ranking in the search engines as the site with out written content was basically a link farm which search engines like google frown upon.. The article was about how art is in the eye of the beholder. I find artistic merit in everything from simple miniature sculpture that defies logic how something so tiny could hold so much detail to life sized hyper realistic work by FX artists and mixed media and more.  Just like the site itself that included all sorts of different doll makers and sculptor it was all part of my being a lover of this art form. I consider myself a sculptor first and a doll maker second. But art dolls can be made from just about anything.  I will repost that article here. at some point. But for now lets just say if it sounded like I was judging any style of doll as better then another it was not how it was meant to sound. Anyway, I would like to thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed looking around. Come visit me on Facebook. be sure to drop me a note if your a collector or an artist as I do not accept friend request form strangers but I do accept kindred spirits.