Labyrinth Hourglass

SOLD 2014

SOLD 2013

Mad Hatters Theater

This set included 4 hand made Marionettes, Mad hatter bust, and the hand painted cabinet. All parts were made by me most using polymer clay except the wood cabinet itself, which I sanded down  and completely repainted and repurposed for this project. This was to be my entry in the Quinlan shows Signature piece contest but I ended up having the opportunity to sell it just before the show. So I entered my Secret Garden piece instead.


After her happily ever after

This is the next chapter of Cinderella's story. Having already taken that famous carriage ride, finding her prince and living happily ever after in their castle, this Cinderella is ready for her next adventure. This time she is the powering her own destiny. For this adventure her Fairy godmother and her little helpful mice friends are riding in the carriage and she is powering her own way.. Her place in history assured she takes her step into the future. I fashioned her dress after the popular steam punk styles abut maintained the traditional Cinderella ball gown blue, with a little edge to it. . This one of a kind polymer clay creation was awarded the coveted Helen Bullard award at the Quinlan doll and Teddy show in Philadelphia. 

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Madame Benvenue presents The Secret Garden 

Madame Benvenue is an performer and she uses her puppets to entertain. The main part of the doll is a tree and the garden walls topped but Madame Benvenue herself. The puppets are Mary, Dickon and Colin. Also included are Dickons Raven, Mary's rabbit, a Fox and a dove. All animals that live in the secret garden. Colin is seated on a sing that moves. 

SOLD 2014

The Labyrinth is one of my favorite films of all time. This very large piece and one I may never ever sell because I absolutely love it. I hand sculpted each character out of Polymer clay. It was a painstaking process that took me almost a year start to finish. As with most of my project it all started when I found the glass hour glass. As soon as I spotted it I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I sketched for days and started with Bowie. It took me many tries to get that face sculpted but I knew if I could get him right I could do what I was dreaming. THIS is my dream come true. A window into the movie and my minds eyes. I hope you enjoy seeing it.

Charm City Originals

One of a Kind Art Dolls, sculpture, and mixed media art by Linda Ehrenfried