Video 1                                                                                   Video 2

Sculpting human feet tutorial series

         Video 1                                         Video 2                                                  Video 3

Sculpting a flat backed Santa head for Crafting. 

This tutorial is as much to help you learn and understand the shape and contour of the ear as it is to learn to sculpt the ear itself. I hope to show you the ear in a way that will help beginners learn the forms that make up the ear so you can duplicate it by memory eventually.

         Video 1                               Video 2                                 Video 3                                 Video 4

         Video 1                                                                       Video 2                  

         Video 1                                                                       Video 2                  

Sanding scraping and cleaning your polymer clay dolls.                           

 These are all tutorials that I recorded and I have on my Youtube Channel. 

Blushing with pastels tutorial series

Painting a glass bead
eye in a sculpted head                         

Assorted tutorials

Wired Hand sculpting tutorial series

This was a lenghthy tutorial so I cut it into 4 parts so you can take breaks. I did not want to cut anything out to limit the information I was sharing with you.  I give detailed instructions on how to do this method so that you can easily follow along. THIS is a hand that is over an inch. This methos is not meant for very small hands which donot need wire for support while baking. 

If you are willing to watch I am willing to teach and not just demonstrate.

Charm City Originals

One of a Kind Art Dolls, sculpture, and mixed media art by Linda Ehrenfried

Sculpting a female face in polymer clay

This is a two part tutorial. I took the long video and cut it in half so you can take a break in the middle to let your clay cool. I give verbal instructions throughout the video. This is a full tutorial even if my newbie camera skills were not up to speed yet. My technique is not the only way to sculpt but as I have been sculpting for 10 years and have tried many other methods I find this one to be the one that brings me the most satisfactory and consistent results. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You will find the handout sheet I am following on my Facebook page and you can message me there anytime. 

Sculpting a fantasy character hand